Update Time!

Hi all,

Quick update on where we are with releases in the next few months. Buckle yourselves in...

Eric Brown's Cosmopath, the highly-anticipated sequel to Necropath and Xenopath, sees telepathic investigator Jeff Vaughan's return to the shelves next month. Gritty, dark hard-SF at its best.

Blood in the Water, the second in Juliet E. McKenna's epic new political fantasy series The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution following Irons in the Fire, is on track for a December release, as is Haggopian and Other Stories, a Lovecraftian anthology by Solaris newcomer Brian Lumley.

January sees the release of Dark Lady's Chosen, fourth book in Gail Z. Martin's immensely popular dark fantasy series The Chronicles of the Necromancer. We're also releasing the A-Format reprint of Justin Gustainis' second Morris and Chastain investigative horror, Evil Ways, and the third instalment in Andy Remic's Combat-K series, Hardcore, which will reach in through your eyes and kick your brain's ass.

Coming up, we have another Nightside collection, Ed Greenwood's third Falconfar book, pirates, gods, and Jets de Vries' brilliant anthology Shine. Watch this space...



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