BIOHELL - the ZX SPECTRUM game of Andy Remic's uber SF novel!

Just got this in the inbox from Andy Remic!


That's right, Biohell for the Speccy is available this Friday 1st May from my website It's a free download, and the first person to send me the solution and password gets a copy of my first five books, whilst the next three runners up get a copy of my latest novel Biohell, published by Solaris Books. And yes, I know the game ain't as gud as a new Joffa Smifff game, but it was all done as a bit of fun and any feedback and comments are appreciated!!

FIRST REVIEW of BIOHELL for the 48K ZX Spectrum
by Jonathan Cauldwell

In Biohell, technology may be part of the solution, but it is also part of the problem. You see, the world described in Biohell is a bleak one. The future isn't bright, nor is it orange (actually, the Spectrum doesn't do orange, only red or yellow, but I digress.) The future is grim. Pollution, death and decay are all that are to be found amid the twisted metal and concrete ruins of the city. Mutilated body parts litter the streets, shells of burnt-out cars lie smoking in the rubble, and zombies prowl the alleyways looking for victims. One wonders where the author finds his inspiration - has he visited Mansfield on a Saturday night?

Within minutes of first loading this game up, I managed to die in two equally unpleasant, yet quite different ways. Both deaths were subsequently avoided over the following games after a little further exploration, but the question remains: did I really want to live in such a desperate scenario? The gritty reality portrayed in LS Lowry's paintings is nothing compared to the landscape of horror and despair painted by Remic's detailed descriptions.

Amid the blood, [poo] and burnt-out cars, the zombies (they must be Commodore 64 owners), and the tower blocks there is a mission to be accomplished. Unfortunately, I haven't found it yet as I'm still lost in a series of tunnels. On reflection, perhaps that's the safest place to be. Temporary sanctuary from the next grisly encounter Remic has in store for me.


BIOHELL is a fast-paced hardcore first-person epic graphical text adventure, utilising guns and bombs to progress across a nano-molecular zombie-infested city game-world where you, FRANCO HAGGIS, must battle AIs, aliens and, of course, horrible zombie mutations. The game utilises advanced AI for behavioural patterns in advanced violent textual adversaries, superlative 8-bit advanced 3D bump-mapping, a full range of 8 (yes 8!!) colours and advanced shading techniques, advanced textual parser and many advanced Spectrum features!! Hell, this game is just totally advanced!!


The City: an entire planet teeming with corruption, guns, sex, and designer drugs. Humans are upgraded by the injection of microscopic nanobots, courtesy of a new technology from the Nano-Tek corporation, but when this highly desirable technology heads onto the black market, millions of people inject themselves with pirated biomods - and transform into zombies. Now they roam the streets, out for blood, packing shotguns and bombs. The Combat K squad are dropped into this warzone to uncover what's turned the planet into a wasteland of murder and mutations, and soon their focus is on the darkness at the Nano-Tek corporation itself...

The next SPECTRUM/ REMIC project, if you can believe this, is writing the Spectrum 48K version of HALF LIFE 2, by VALVE SOFTWARE. I am currently just negotiating the rights with Gabe Newell!! Watch this space!!

Kind Regards to ALL!!

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