Charlaine Harris Enjoys Justin Gustainis's "Evil Ways"

Best-selling author Charlaine Harris has read and loved Evil Ways, by Justin Gustainis.

I really enjoyed Justin Gustainis’s BLACK MAGIC WOMAN, so I was pleased to get a copy of EVIL WAYS. Here’s the thing – I think EVIL WAYS is much better, and BLACK MAGIC WOMAN was a good book. (I’ve got to comment that I think the cover is silly, but that’s just me.) Once again, investigator Quincey Morris teams with witch Libby Chastain to track down the killer of several white witches. The trail leads right to Walter Grobius, a billionaire (no one’s content to be a millionaire any more) who’s very unwisely hired a black witch to prolong his miserable life. The black witch, in turn, unwisely believes he can handle the powers he’s raising.

Morris and Chastain are lucky to have killer Hannah Widmark on their side. They’re also lucky that greed overwhelms good sense. This is a fast-paced book full of adventure, some of it very unpleasant and genuinely frightening

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