Scratch Your Retro Itch

Extraordinary Engines gets a great write up over at SF Signal.

"Steampunk is sexy. Call me silly (OK, call me deranged) but there's something I love about it. It tickles a retro itch like nothing else can. Enter Extraordinary Engines, an anthology of twelve steampunk stories to scratch that itch.

Like many themed anthologies, there's a certain amount of personal awe at how each author approaches the topic. Besides the obvious differences in plot, each author tweaks the stories by varying the dials to language, setting, and scope. What results is a fresh set of stories that does not overdose the reader. Because of this variance, some stories feel more like steampunk than others, but that doesn't mean that they're not enjoyable anyway. Extraordinary Engines is a good anthology and the perfect scratch for your retro itch.

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