Ten Thousand Round-ups

Well not that many. Just a couple. Seems that Paul Kearney's epic fantasy The Ten Thousand is still causing a few ripples across the internets.

Blogger Gabe Chouinard, at Mysterious Outposts is currently enjoying it.

I love the way Kearney interjects sheer poetic asides throughout the novel, which enhances its epic feel; for my money, I can't remember reading a novel quite as out-and-out heroic as The Ten Thousand in quite some time. And I like it... he strikes an intriguing balance between the elevated, epic moments and passages I mention above and the down-in-the-mud-and-blood of realistic battle and the hardships and realities of ancient warfare. I think it works on all levels, but admittedly this is the sort of book a reader has to allow himself to sink into, letting the prose wash over and envelop him in its cocoon of style.

And meanwhile, Aidan accepts the gentleman's challenge...

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