Eric Brown's accolade-strewn Kéthani is soon to be released in a mass market edition. Hmm... sounds like a good excuse for a redesign to me. First time round we chose a very literal illustration of the book's contents, but it's a pretty complex set of stories, so we've allowed ourselves a little more creative freedom this time - and focused more on the mood of the novel. The eye will be fully articulated and powered by a series of tiny pistons, so that it literally follows you round the room, like a freaky SF egg white. (That might be a lie.)


Mark Chitty said...

Nice, although I like the first one just as much. Once I've read it I'm sure I'll have a better choice on which I prefer - it's always nice to have a good, relevant cover.

Maenad said...

This new design is more contemporary, I suppose, but, at least to my eyes, it is also more generic and bland.

The earlier cover looked like something from the 50s. But. It was that old-fashioned sense of grandeur that attracted me to the book in the first place (it is on my wish list and I plan to acquire it the near future). With the old cover the book did stand out on the shelf.