Fantasy Anthology Review

Well, technically part one of an ongoing review, of The Solaris Book Of New Fantasy, over at the fantastic Post-Weird Thoughts.

Due to their very nature, anthologies are a pain to review. They end up huge, but shallow, since each story gets only a paragraph of hurried comments. Worst of all, by the time you end the book you must come back to every title to remember what the story`s about.

So I've decided to try another method. Beginning today, I'll review anthologies on a three-by-three (or four) stories a day. That lets me cover a full antho in a week and gives me space to dig into each writer's work.

The chosen for this first installment's The Solaris Book of New Fantasy, edited by George Mann and published by Solaris Books. The book has sixteen stories from old fantasists like T.A. Pratt and Steven Erikson, and newer writers like Jay Lake, Hal Duncan and Mark Chadbourn

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