Paul Kearney Interview

Paul Kearney, author of the forthcoming The Ten Thousand, is interviewed by Aidan over at A Dribble Of Ink.

Many folk around the Internet will claim that there’s no author that deserves a wider audience than Paul Kearney. He’s best know for his five volume series The Monarchies of God, which is due to be republished later this year in an updated omnibus edition. Paul also has another upcoming novel, The Ten Thousand being published later this year by Solaris Books as well as the concluding volume to his Sea Beggars Trilogy. A pretty hectic year for an author who almost swore off writing entirely...

And also fresh from teh internets, Sir Adam Roberts shows off the new mass market cover of Splinter.

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Anonymous said...

Must admit to a bit of concern over the talk of a Sea Beggars omnibus to cover the last volume. Will there be a separate third part only edition for those who already have the first two parts?