Eric Brown on "Kéthani"; More Praise For Paul Kearney

Over at SciFi Wire, Sir Eric Brown discusses Kéthani as small epic:

"an antidote to all the high-concept, galaxy-spanning action-adventure hard SF currently being published."

Meanwhile, Paul Kearney continues to set the blogosphere alight: over at the Realms of Speculative Fiction, Paul Kearney's The Ten Thousand gets another cracking write-up:

"...the story deals with the themes of courage, loyalty, friendship and bare survival as any true epic fantasy novel is supposed to - the required harshness is tempered with wit, great action scenes (Kearney is among the best in the field at those!) and moderate pathos that never oversteps the bounds of mawkishness. In “The Ten Thousand” Kearney accumulates all the good stuff from Gemmell’s books and mixes it with a pinch of Morgan’s style, but keeps his own distinct voice throughout. I would recommend this book to all fans of epic, no bulls**t fantasy brewed especially for the modern reader."

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