Review / Interview Round-up From Teh Interwebs

James at Speculative Horizons digs the Solaris Book of New Fantasy.

"This book is an excellent chance to enjoy some short fiction and to discover a host of authors that you may not have read before."

And nice to see that he's picked up on what we're about here:

"Another Solaris book, another stunning cover. Fantasy is such a broad genre and Solaris could easily have plumped for - as some genre publishers are doing - a more 'mature' cover. This cover however makes no attempt to hide the fact that the stories within are fantasy stories. In fact, it's almost a proud statement of fact."

Genre, and proud of it.

Next is an interview with Jeffrey Thomas at the Groovy Age of Horror blog, where the big man discusses all things horror and SF, about Blue War as well as his other titles.

And finally, a review at The Book Swede of The Blood King.

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