Blue War Review In The Guardian

Jeffrey Thomas's latest SF hybrid thriller, Blue War, received a cracking write up in the Guardian this week.
In the third book of the series featuring Punktown, a sprawling metropolis on the planet of Oasis, private investigator Jeremy Stake returns to the world of Sinan where years before he fought in a bloody war. There, a computer program growing buildings from a coral-like material has run amok and is eating up the jungle with a replica of Punktown. Three human clones have been found linked umbilically to the coral, and the native aliens are falling victim to a sexually transmitted disease. Stake's investigations uncover corporate perfidy and a high-level Earth plot to pilfer valuable alien gas. The parallel with the situation in Iraq is obvious but never laboured. Thomas concentrates on Stake's emotions as he attempts to resume his affair with an old lover, solve the case and bring the culprits to justice. Blue War works on every level, as a novel of character, a tautly plotted thriller, and a critique of big business and politics.

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And if you scroll down the page, there's also a great review for THE REEF by a certain Mark Newton. ;-)