Blue War Review Round-up

A little round-up for Jeffrey Thomas's Blue War.

First, at The Groovy Age of Horror.

He really strikes me here as an exciting up-and-comer who shows the talent and determination to go big and succeed at it. Blue War is not only a real accomplishment in itself, but a promise of even greater things to come... I recommend it all very highly!

And secondly, at SF Signal.

Jeffrey Thomas Punktown novel, Deadstock, was one of my best reads in 2007. Shapeshifting private detective Jeremy Stake is back in Blue War. Jeremy is hired by the Colonial Defense Forces to identify a cloned human found on the extra-dimensional planet of Sinon, where an organic replica of his own Punktown has mysteriously appeared - and continues to grow at an alarming rate. Sinon is also where Stake fought in the Blue War with the CDF years before (despite the misleading book title), so he takes the opportunity to reconnect with Thi Gonh, an enemy sniper with whom he fell in love... Stake is still a likable character. He's thorough, has good intentions, and flies in the face of authority to get the job done... fast-moving action scenes follow one another to a satisfying conclusion.

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