The Hero's Journey

Nothing like a bit of ranting, and over at SF blog, they're going all out on Campbell and the narrative of the Hero's Journey.
We've been somewhat shocked to see so many people defending Joseph Campbell in the comments on our hero's journey post. Hey, we got stoned and read The Hero With A Thousand Faces in college, just like everybody else, and we thought it was super deep. All those primal archetypes and spiritual patterns were totally hardwired into the joint checking account of our collective unconscious. But that didn't mean we wanted to watch a thousand movies and read ten thousand books based on Campbell's dime-store anthropology. Here are some reasons why Campbell should go back on the shelf.
Pretty interesting stuff, for those interested in plots and narratives.

And speaking of heroes, how about this theory: Jimmy Savile—hip-hop pioneer. We have a theory that with all his bling and track-suits, the man did in fact influence hip-hop style. Bet all the kids don't think it's so cool now... :-)

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