50 Greatest British Writers

As compiled by the Times online. And, lo! A good slice of genre on there. Well, we all knew that really, didn't we?
What better way to start the year than with an argument? The Times has decided to present you with a ranking of whom they consider the best postwar British writers, and are awaiting your responses.
Many of the usual suspects there, including Tolkien, Philip Pullman, Iain (M!) Banks, Angela Carter, J.G. Ballard (quite right, too), and Moorcock. Also, a few of those who have written genre books but whose output is largely mainstream fiction.

I always finding interesting how many mainstream media outlets like to ignore genre for the most part, but every time they compile one of these lists, there they are, look!, Science Fiction and Fantasy making up a significant chunk of what people actually like to read. Maybe some of those review editors should take note of readers' tastes. Hmm? Just a thought. And if this sounds like a rant, it isn't, it's just the effects of three coffees before 11am.

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