Rave review for The Solaris Book of New Fantasy

This one from The Guardian newspaper.
In his introduction, Mann states that this anthology is an "exploration of the diversity of fantasy fiction, be it High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Comic Fantasy, Magic Realism". Significantly, the best stories here avoid the cliches of the genre, dragons and wizards, feudal monarchs and psychic investigators. In Chris Roberson's "And Such Small Deer", Van Helsing narrates a horror story of hybrid monsters in the Dutch East Indies, a neat pastiche with a clever twist. Conrad Williams's post-apocalyptic "O Caritas" depicts a future London that has become a battleground between surface dwellers and a race of subterraneans; while Scott Thomas's mordant comedy "Lt Privet's Love Song" is a delightfully original tale of love potions gone wrong. Mann has collected 16 entertaining stories that should cater for all the varied tastes of fantasy aficionados."

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