Blue War Review

Fine review of Jeffrey Thomas's Blue War at Foreword Magazine.

Biotechnology has run amok, and cloned human remains have been found in an otherwise empty city ... the action is taking place in another dimension, on the planet Sinan, and the empty city is growing at an incredible rate, devouring forests, graves, and anything else that gets in its path. Enter Jeremy Stake, former soldier and veteran of the Blue War, now a private investigator... a former comrade risen to captain wants him to investigate the spread of Bluetown, as it’s called. Readers of Sci-Fi, military fiction, and mystery will all find plenty to stimulate their imaginations in this fast-moving tale. Characters that come alive and all-too-believable technology move the plot along at breakneck speed. Thomas’s writing is smooth and swift, yet poetic, with a noir feel at times that enhances the darkest parts of his story: “When he came to himself he realized the procession had disappeared into the jungle like a train of ghosts.” There are unique elements, too, such as the benders, large airborne creatures that resemble jellyfish; their venom induces psychic trances that somehow transcend dimensions. Blue War is as multilayered as Bluetown itself, and utterly fascinating.

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