Jeffrey Thomas Interview

To continue Jeffrey Thomas season, Fantasy Book Critic gives a mammoth interview with the man himself.
"Blue War" is definitely a bigger book than "Deadstock" in length, scope and theme. "Deadstock" is pretty dark—especially where it takes place entirely in seedy Punktown where "Blue War" does not—and I'm not sure that "Blue War" is a "better" book. Despite it having the same lead character, it is not really a sequel, and it has a pretty different feel from "Deadstock." More serious, I'd say, but not so grim and grave that it isn't fun, if not quite as slam-bam as "Deadstock" is. For those who wanted more of Stake in "Deadstock" (he actually shares half the book, his chapters alternating with those of the other characters), he is very much the focus of "Blue War," so much so that there are only two scenes—the prologue and epilogue—in which he is absent.

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