Press Solaris flesh

This weekend several of the reprobates behind Solaris are out and about, hawking their tawdry wares and making themselves available for interrogation about what the hell we are playing at. First up, Publisher Marc Gascoigne and Consultant Ed/Sales Superman George Mann are guests at the British Fantasy Society open evening in the fair city of York, this Saturday, October 13th. We'll be around all night, taking questions and revealing fascinating secrets about the cut-and-thrust world of F&SF publishing, Oh yes.

Over the same weekend, Assistant Ed Mark Newton is playing fast and loose with his bail conditions, by appearing at a Writers’ Networking Evening in Derby. He’ll be on a panel discussing publishing to new writers on Sunday 14th October, Metro Cinema, Heap Lecture Theatre, University of Derby, Kedleston Road. Doors 6.30pm. Get there before the authorities find him, for all the scoop on how to get published and earn £££s, just like him.


Christian said...

And I'll be on a beach in Gozo.

marco said...

Oh great, now everyone knows we're all away. Why didn't you just put up a sign saying "Come and rob our office, why don't you?"