Here's one for all you lonely hearts out there...

Romance publisher Mills & Boons have announced a massive new campaign based around their old style, and some might say tacky, book covers. Fabio's back in vogue, baby.

'The centenary publishing programme will see a collection of 24 short stories (two each month) published with iconic '80s-style -covers. The books, which will include Assignment: Seduction and Promised to the Sheikh, are priced at £1.49 and are by top Mills & Boon authors. "We've got some great new photos featuring couples in a clinch, and we've got a mix of our best themes of the boss, the tycoon, the wedding and the sheikh," said retail marketing and sales director Clare Somerville.'

Couples in a clinch. A bit more man-chest on there? Maybe that's what we're missing from our covers. I can see it now, on the next anthology from George. I'm sure he'd be up for it. So should we be putting Fabio on our covers? He'd be upset otherwise, not in demand as much as he used to be. Because if Fabio can't perform well enough he'd be diagnosed with some medical condition these days, and he'd be reading through Christian's spam emails for a cure.

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