Interzone [heart] Solaris

The new issue of the mighty Interzone magazine, issue #212, brings with it some serious Solaris-love.

Iain Emsley kicks off the smooching... "Set the Seas on Fire is a virtuoso performance that combines the sea-faring story with fantasy set in the Napoleonic era. Roberson combines a sense of period with the strong sense of wonder and fear.(It) is a thoughtful but rip-roaring adventure, combining both Hornblower and Lovecraft with a subtlety certainly not seen in the ‘New Weird’ or other naval stories... I cannot recommend this book too highly as an intelligent, readable novel.

Closely followed by the hunky Peter Loftus... "Splinter is a re-imagining of a little-known Jules Verne novel, Off on a Comet. Stylistically, the first part of Splinter calls de Lillo and Auster to mind. The writing is crisp, incisive and assured... full marks to Roberts for not playing it safe... devotees of literary sf will find much to love here..."

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