Writers Throw Beer

You can read about it here in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Then, in a throng of people socializing offstage, Junker passed Elliott in the crowd, an opportunity the writer used to toss his beer on the judge and to make a humorous "bring it on" gesture. (He would never have engaged in a physical fight, he said later.) "All of a sudden my shirt was drenched," said Junker. "I had no idea where it came from. I ... looked back and saw Stephen Elliott had thrown his drink on me. I walked past him to tell the organizers that I was going home." Litquake's Jack Boulware took up Junker's duties. "I don't understand why Junker left last night," said Elliott the next day. "I had a shirt in my bag he could have borrowed." (Spy Passmore, splashed in the incident, said his own shirt said, "Are You Sure That's Dignified?")

Of course, this reminds me of the legendary underground Solaris author get-together, Feb 30th this year. My word, what a night. Firstly Eric Brown turns up with this crate of Timothy Taylors Landlord ale. Andy Remic says, "Oi, that's from Yorkshire. None of that," and gets up on the table and kicks Guinness everywhere. Jeffrey Thomas, appalled at this behaviour, and now with beer-stained trousers, throws his glass of Hanoi beer in the face of the unmissable George Mann who sips at his G&T as if nothing was happening, tapping his foot to the beat of "Honey to the bee" by Billie Piper (Marco was DJ-ing). And THEN all hell breaks loose when Dunny enters with Red Stripe and a copy of Viz.

FYI many Solaris authors and editors will be at various conventions this year. Buy them a beer if you dare...

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Jeffrey Thomas said...

Hmm, I don't recall the event you relate, but then maybe I've blocked it from my mind. Perhaps if you had said "Saigon Beer" it might better ring a bell!