Paul Kearney Interviewed

Having been freshly minted as a Solaris author, Paul Kearney is interviewed on UKSF Book News.

Paul is an incredible talent, and a welcome addition to the Solaris list. His forthcoming novel promises to be a cracking tale.

THE TEN THOUSAND is a brand new novel set on the world of Kuf, a brash jewel swarming with all manners of races and peoples. Mountain ranges, impenetrable deserts and steaming jungles line the maps of barbaric tribes and civilized nation-states. The Assurian Empire is dominant, prestigious and thought to be invincible. However, this ancient colossus is about to be shaken to its very foundations. Ten thousand elite mercenaries of a legendary race known as the Macht are hired by an Empire exile to take the throne by force. But when their employer is killed, and they are surrounded by Empire armies, the Ten Thousand find themselves abandoned. This is the story of their fight for freedom.

— Mark N

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Scott Marlowe said...

sounds pretty bad ass.