Gail Z. Martin Video


Ariel said...

Good bit of promo vid. Understated, nicely subtle effects, not at all cheesy. Should the call-to-action could have been more explicit, though? "Read a free excerpt online at..." rather than just giving the URL?

S F said...

We have to be careful what additional information goes at the end of the book videos. It is is too overtly promotional to an outside URL, then booksellers won't pick it up as content. Right now, both Borders and BN take our videos as content (not co-op).
By giving up a little extra push toward the authors own URL they are picked up by other sources.

If the author wants to promote their website as opposed to sending people to the nearest bookstore, we'd add more to the video. We've done that on other videos where clients request that as the objective of the video.

This video was done entirely from the book cover, with a dash of effects to spice it up. For a very low cost this video will be seen by thousands of people for months to come.

Besides, overly commercial doesn't do as well virally. People are more likely to pass it to friends this way.

Glad you liked it! Thank you!

Jeffrey Thomas said...