Crime Author Charged With Murder

Now this puts a whole new perspective on the rule of writing what you know. Surely, surely, the first stage of this is if you kill someone, don't write about it.

I kid you not: "Where reality ends and fiction begins in the stomach-turning novel Amok is the central task before the jury in Poland’s trial of the decade. Four years after he published his bloody bestseller, Krystian Bala has found himself on trial for the same torture and murder that he detailed in his novel."

Either this guy is SO not smart, or this is the most genius marketing ploy ever.

— Mark N


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Remind me not to make friends with too many crime authors.. or their ex's.

Saxon said...

the guy might not be that smart, but the local police department must be worse then him in the smart stakes if they missed it!

Simon Haynes said...

Next in the news: SF author arrested for hijacking a spaceship.