Chris Roberson at ArmadilloCon

Chris dropped us a line informing us of his schedule for this weekend's ArmadilloCon.

Visit him. Have a chat. He drinks a glass of iced tea and a pint of beer, if you're buying. This will be explained further in a forthcoming interview on our news page.

Here's where he'll be at:

Fr2300Dz Why are most comic books that are made into
movies so friggin' bad?

Fri 11:00 PM-Midnight de Zavala, Roberson*, Nakashima-Brown, Porter, Wilson, Miles, Klaw
Every once in awhile, a comic book movie will be great, but for the most part, they are terrible. Is it the screenplay? The director? The acting? The comic book? Or something else?

Sa1300R Reading
Sat 1:00 PM-1:30 PM Robertson
Chris Roberson

Sa2000De Hypotheticals
Sat 8:00 PM-9:00 PM DeWitt
Porter*, Roberson, Sturges, Wilson, Blaschke, Benjamin
A role playing panel wherein comics professionals take a set of interlinked and developing hypothetical scenarios regarding the comic book industry and play them out. There's no audience participation, other than the audience getting a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Sa2200PN Will the best Doctor Who please stand up?
Sat 10:00 PM-11:00 PM Phoenix North
Bey*, JMann, LMann, Osborne, Roberson, Sullivan
Which one was the smartest? Best looking? Most useless? Worst of all time? Audience participation is welcome in this light-hearted look at the beloved British show.

Su1100Dz The Small Press Boom
Sun 11:00 AM-Noon de Zavala Cupp*, Person, Klaw, Roberson, Waldrop, Burton, Lansdale
Small press has never been more popular than it is today.

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