Yet Another Bitterwood Review

From genre magazine DeathRay.

"Some days the fantastical fiction blender chews whatever it’s fed beyond recognition and coughs out an aberration. Other days it slices and dices like a dream. Thankfully, Bitterwood is one of those successful, yet rare, amalgamations of style that make you wish more authors were willing to mash up, rather than adhere to, the pulp genres... It’s an interesting collection of themes that should, by rights pull the piece apart under the weight of their collective influence, but there are two factors that help to keep everything rock solid... First, Maxey’s skill as a writer, which is not inconsiderable. His style is intuitive clever and – when the action kicks off – darkly gripping. Secondly, Bitterwood himself. He’s a fantastic central character. Part Job-like follower of the ‘old’ Christian God, part outlaw, part myth. A figure in flux, caught between his legendary persona and the harsh realist of what it physically takes to be a killer of dragons."

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— Mark N

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