Solaris Guest Blog—Emily Gee

Well, harvest has finished. The grapes have all been picked, crushed, pressed, and fermented. The winery is no longer full of loud music, frenetic activity, and the smells of yeast and fermenting juice. Actually, it’s still full of loud music—just not 24/7 any more!

Thief With No Shadow was released while vintage was in full swing, so we waited until things had slowed down before celebrating. The winery I work for sponsored a launch party, providing a fabulous venue—complete with log fire—and wine for everyone. It was a marvellous evening. More than eighty guests came—family and friends and workmates. Several people even flew down from the North Island to be at the party! The distributor in Sydney sent over a box of books—which all sold within twenty minutes, the speeches were brief, the wine and food delicious, and everyone had a lot of fun. Definitely a night to remember!

Vintage is now well and truly over. The days are short and the nights (literally) freezing. It’s time to pull out the winter clothes and plunge back into writing again. My characters have no idea what’s in store for them—poor things!

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