Gail Z. Martin's Tour Photos—And Real Life Summoning

Here are just a couple of snaps that Gail sent me to share from her current tour promoting The Summoner... Gail's been reporting bookstore managers to be delighted with the sales. We can't print 'em quick enough!

(Interesting fact about Gail: she's a fan of the Pussycat Dolls...)

Gail has recently done this mighty cool podcast with a spirit medium, Jodi Lynnae. Gail's lead character, Tris, has the ability to summon spirits from the dead, so Gail and Jodi discuss the differences between this and real life 'summoning', so to speak... For those with more esoteric leanings, Gail emailed me to say: "A very interesting side note….I’ve used this conference line and recording mechanism dozens of times and always had a very clear line. No background noise. During my call with Jodi, there was a very regular tapping noise—I think you can hear it in the recording. I even ask her at one point whether she was clicking a pen or tapping her nails, and she said no. She didn’t hear it. However, she says that she often has great difficulty with electromagnetic devices because of the energies of the spirits. I did two other recordings right after our call, and no clicking."

— Mark N

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