Bitterwood Gets Publishers Weekly Starred Review

I'll sling the whole thing up, since it's so great:

"In the distant future-year 1070 of the Dragon Age, to be exact-Earth has been commandeered by dragons, who subject their human inferiors to lives of misery and squalor, either as slaves or pets. Human Bant Bitterwood, consumed with thoughts of vengeance against the dragons he believes murdered his family, goes on a dragon-killing spree that makes him a folk hero among the oppressed human populace. When Bitterwood slays the dragons' crown prince, Bodiel, their king vows to exterminate humankind-the only way he "can be certain of victory over Bitterwood." To that end, the king enlists his murderous brother Blasphiel to build a city that will serve as humanity's abattoir. Maxey's world is stunningly imaginative, a landscape both familiar and alien, and packed with thoughtful treats for readers. Skillfully examining themes of faith, martyrdom and heroism, Maxey maintains an unflagging believability even while borrowing some of the most generic elements from science fiction and fantasy. The dragons are wonderfully written, as is the tormented hero; it is almost a shame that the story is so self-contained, as many readers will pine for a whole series of Dragon Age titles."

— Mark N


Anonymous said...

Hurry up and release this, dammit! its got this great review and the otehr on the main site, I wannna read it (even more than i wanted to read it before)! stop torturing me!
Crofty of the many !!!s

James Maxey said...

Yes! Stop the torture! Even I want to read it now.

Mark Newton said...

Tut, tut! James, you'll have to wait like everyone else...!