Solaris Book of New Science Fiction—Reviewed!

The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction gained a positive review at SFRevu.

The last paragraph sums it up nicely:

"There is something for everybody in this strong collection of stories and as a opening manifesto, it is brave selection. One hopes that the publisher and editor will maintain their nerve and be brave enough to keep publishing such bright writing and in doing so perhaps break away from following trends."

—Mark N


marco said...

Damn straight! Whoop whoop woop, and other such Americanisms. -- marco

Jeffrey Thomas said...

"Damn straight! Whoop whoop woop, and other such Americanisms."

Beg yer pardon, Marc? ;-)

Awesome review; proud of the comments re: "In His Sights." I, too, loved the two stories the reviewer singled out as favorites, but everything I've read in it thus far has been outstanding.

marco said...

Sorry, just agreeing with the nice gentleman's request that Solaris hold its nerve. -- marco