Jeffrey Thomas World Domination Making Steady Progress

Jeffrey is not short of a fan or two, and Mary Duros (pictured above) sports a Punktown T-shirt and not one, but two Deadstock desktop wallpapers. Having discovered one of Jeffrey's many small press titles at a convention many moons ago, Mary is now one of his biggest fans. She works as Computer Services Manager at the University of Chicago Law School, lives with her significant other, 5 cats, 2 newts, and 3 fish aquariums. The smallest of which is 5 gallons and whose inhabitants are named Cthulhu and Shoggoth. Jeffrey assures me that he didn't make her wear the T-shirt, or download the wallpapers. It is merely a sign that he is gradually taking over the world.

If you're obsessed by one of our authors, why not send us a picture showing how much you love them? I can see this becoming a regular spot, perhaps even an extreme sport.

— Mark N

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