What do you do if you own over 14,000 books?

Why, you build around them, of course. If that's not your thing, you could just keep stocking up on Billy Bookcases, like we do in the office. Except, it doesn't look quite as cool, does it?

Also: We're inching ever closer to Doomsday. This time it's due to the environmental challanges we face. Finally, we're learning; but only, it seems, when it impedes on our daily lives. How very humanistic… Gaia still won't be happy, you know.

One last thing: another reason to love the iPod. You can now get Choose Your Own Adventure books for it! Will there be a dancing hipster silhouette for this? Probably not. But you can certainly try to find The Abominable Snowman instead.

—Mark N

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