From Under Manuscripts

All the wonderful manuscripts for the first couple of Solaris seasons have been flooding in, which makes work rather pleasurable, and busy.

Lou Anders has a guide to The Three Laws of Editing. I, Editor says that this is sage advice, covering the balance between artistic goals and commercial sensibility. And it's good for unpublished writers to see this kind of thing. It's all right having thinking the book you have written is a masterpiece that will change the genre forever, but unless others can see it as entertainment, and having commercial potential, there's not much hope of that work finding a mass market home. That's the nature of the modern publishing behemoth. Lou's Laws cover this effectively, and it shows in the great list that Pyr has built.

And keeping the thinly-disguised Asimov theme going, over to National Geographic yet again. Fancy a robot in your home? Not science fiction, my friends… so long as you live in South Korea. Food's cheaper too. Think about it.

—Mark N

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