And the hottest trend this Fall is...

Apocalypticism! At least according to this article, it is.

I'm not sure who we're supposed the thank/blame for it though. Baby Boomers? The Romans? Mel Gibson?

On a more serious note, I'm absolutely fascinated by Apocalypse fever and the theory that it is nothing more than a manifestation of a generation's death anxiety is compelling, despite being somewhat flimsy. I have to admit though, that it is perversely comforting to think that the End Of The World could be down to a sliver of the population who've got the golf club membership, beach house and Mercedes but don't want any of it left behind for their kids and grandkids.

I’m heading up into the mountains. Who’s with me?



David Barnett said...

After reading that link I looked up some stuff on Cormac McCarthy's The Road and now feel utterly depressed and miserable.

The Solaris Team said...

I love the whole idea of "this Apocalypse thing". Makes it sound like the latest street fashion or consumer movement. I wonder if we should be tapping into the prevailing zeitgeist. After all, we are the Four Penmen of the Apocalypse (sorry!). Perhaps we should have bought that Rapture novel after all, my skeletal brothers. -- marco