Looking forward to 'A Field in England'? Get more English Civil War action GIDEON'S ANGEL!

For those who like their history a little Cavalier, Ben Wheatley's latest film - A Field in England - debuts this evening through various channels.

Set during the English Civil War and starring Reese Shearsmith, Michael Smiley and Julian Barratt, it's a trippy thriller about a bunch of English Civil War soldiers searching through a magic mushroom patch to find buried treasure. Behold the greatness of the trailer:

Why do we mention this? Well, apart from the fact that our PR guy is a bit of an English Civil War fan (also: flag-waving lunatic), earlier this year we published Gideon's Angel, Clifford Beal's story of demons and devilry set during the same period.

It's a cracker of a supernatural historical novel and Tor.com said "the sheer panache with which Clifford Beal brings together the past and the supernatural results in a headlong alt-history hybrid more potent than either aspect of the entire would be without the other", while Fantastical Librarian called it "an exciting and compelling debut"!

Whetted your appetite for a little Roundhead action? (fnarr) Get yourself a copy - Gideon's Angel is available in paperback and ebook from Amazon and other online retailers!

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