Seven ages of Lovegrove: Pantheon author reveals plans for next books in series

As Age of Aztec begins wrecking havoc on bookshelves across the world, Elitist Book Review spoke to author James Lovegrove and produced a really nice interview with him. On piece of info that we thought may catch the eye of fans of the Pantheon series was this:

JL: There’s at least two more Pantheon novels in the offing, but the only one I can say with any certainty is going to happen is AGE OF VOODOO, because I’m just about to start work on that. There’ll mostly likely be another couple of Age Of… e-novellas too, since the first, "Age Of Anansi", seems to be selling well. But the super secret project which I pitched for earlier this year and which has just been given the go-ahead, is a couple of Sherlock Holmes novels for Titan Books. I’ve been dying to write a Holmes story ever since I was a kid, so this is the proverbial dream come true. They’re going to be steampunkish takes on the standard Holmes adventure, fast-paced and action-y but with plenty of deduction and detection as well.
Now available in the US and Canadaas well as the UK and IrelandAge of Aztec has already garnered rave reviews.

"higher on action and violence than Lovegrove's previous books, the novel still manages to portray convincingly the psychology of its two antiheroes and paint a vivid picture of Aztec lore" - The Guardian 

Also available right now is Lovegrove's e-novella, Age of Anasi, an e-book exclusive and a journey into a dark heart of deceit, lies and ancient gods!

Elitist Book Review liked it too and said "Lovegrove's tales of modern mythology are truly one of a kind, and like AGE OF AZTEC, the ending of this story packs a sizable punch."

It's the dawning of the Age of the Pantheon - begin paying tribute now!

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