Free PDF! Nicholas Royle's "The Lure"

Hey all!

So, to misquote the beloved Golden-era Hollywood director Samuel Goldwyn, "How did you love our book?"

I refer, of course, to our underground-horror anthology, The End of the Line, edited by Jonathan Oliver.

In particular, I refer to Nicholas Royle's powerful, suggestive story "The Lure."

The very anthology, and very story, that have both been shortlisted by the British Fantasy Society for the British Fantasy Awards 2011, in the Best Anthology and Best Short Story categories, respectively.

You haven't read it!?

Well. I can't say I'm not disappointed. I thought you were better than that.

Still, dear reader - if indeed that is your name - panic not! We've had a bit of a chat around the office and decided to give the hell out of that story right to the public! You don't even need to buy the book or anything (although you totally should, and read it; it's awesome). You can read Royle's short story right now, in PDF form, just by downloading it:

We're just giving, caring people like that.

(And hell, you know, if you're a member of the BFS, and are maybe thinking of how to vote, or as it may be, you've got a friend who was at Fantasycon last year and is trying to decide how to vote, or something, you could, you know... keep these in mind?)




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