Review Backlog: Age of Odin

Hi all,

Having been a bit slack posting (while being frantically industrious editing, I should hastily add) - although Jenni (no less busy editing) has been a bit better at giving you something to read - I have inevitably wound up with a buttload of emails in my inbox about reviews that have appeared on the internet that I have not yet posted to the blog.

So, rather than spam with you with all of them at once, or even try to get through them in order, I thought I would give them by title.

First, James Lovegrove's New York Times Best Selling The Age of Odin. As well as being a hit on the bookshelves, the third in the Pantheon cycle has enjoyed a warm critical reception, from reviewers who have found themselves enjoying the mix of summer blockbuster and subversive SF.

Geek Chocolate's Kevin Gilmartin was clearly blown away, insisting that he will be urgently snapping up the previous two books:

"The Age of Odin had me chuckling throughout and, on more than one occasion, out-loud laughing. Lovegrove pokes the ribs of anyone and everyone. Mortals, gods, Scottish, English, Irish, American, Army, RAF... well, you get the idea. Nobody is safe from Gid Coxall and comrades' barracks-honed wit."

The Hi-Ex! Blog also very much enjoyed the book:

"It’s what I imagine the result would be if Neil Gamian and Tom Clancy wrote a book together - in a good way!"

Curiously, Stephen Theaker at Theaker's Quarterly asked for The Age of Ra. I'm assuming, from his reaction, that he will be reading the other two shortly:

Let gods worry about the future; I'm looking forward to reading the sequels: The Age of Odin, and The Age of Zeus. How could they not be brilliant?

So that's good, then.


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