Genre for Japan: Our Boys Do Their Bit

Hi all,

As I've just now blogged over at Abaddon Books, Genre for Japan is a dead-important charity auction being organised by a collective of people involved in the SF&F world, including Amanda Rutter, Lou Morgan, Alasdair Stuart, Ro Smith, and our very own Jenni Hill.

You've also heard that Abaddon authors Mike Wild, Scott Andrews, Jon Green, Al Ewing, Paul Kane and Chuck Wendig have all thrown some lots in, as have Jon, Jenni and I. We had to, or Jenni would have frowned at us.

Now you need to know that a load of our Solaris authors have also been awesome!

What I need you to do right now is go to the auction's Item Index (or to the "categories" box on the right, near the top of the page, to search for things wot interest you) get your bidding on. But, proud as we are of our chaps, I beg you to consider some of these:

Eric Brown is offering up signed copies of three of his latest SF epics: Engineman, Guardians of the Phoenix and his magnum opus, The Kings of Eternity. They're in the cool larger-format UK editions as well, which may be of interest to more discerning US readers.

Rowena Cory Daniells is giving away a complete set of the smash hit The Chronicles of King Rolen's Kin, with signed bookplates in the front.

Legendary comic book artist Frazer Irving is offering up a signed print of the fantastic cover art from Richard Ford's upcoming Kultus.

And while they're not our books, a couple of our authors are auctioning off works from other publishers:

Gareth L. Powell is offering a rare signed first edition of his collection The Last Reef and Other Stories.

Conrad Williams is offering up a similarly rare signed hardback copy of his classic Unblemished.

And, as already mentioned, Jon, Jenni and I are all offering to copy-edit your manuscripts as well, and bidding on these has been fierce already.

So get in there!


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