Interview: Juliet McKenna

Issue #4 of science fiction and fantasy magazine Salon Futura features this interview with Solaris author Juliet McKenna. Cheryl Morgan conducts the interview.

You can find out about Juliet's all-new fantasy trilogy for Solaris Books, The Hadrumal Crisis, on our website. Here's the cover for the first instalment, Dangerous Waters, coming out in August next year.

Cover (TBC) by Clint Langley

The Archmage rules the island of wizards and has banned the use of magecraft in warfare, but there are corsairs raiding the Caladhrian Coast, enslaving villagers and devastating trade. Barons and merchants beg for magical aid, but all help has been refused so far.

Lady Zurenne’s husband has been murdered by the corsairs, and a man she doesn’t even know stands watch over her and her daughters. Corrain, former captain and now slave to the corsairs, knows that Zurenne’s guardian is a rogue wizard.

If Corrain can only escape, he’ll see justice done. Unless the Archmage’s magewoman, Jilseth, catches the renegade first...

Dangerous Waters is the start of a stunning new fantasy trilogy by highly-respected fantasy writer, Juliet E. McKenna.


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