At the Pub

Wotcher all,

Ben, Jenni and I have now returned from the Duke's Cut in Oxford, where we have enjoyed a "publisher's lunch" with our podcast guests.

(For those of you who don't know, our fatter, harder-drinking, heavier-smoking forebears pretty much hit the pub every Friday lunchtime; so much so that nobody in publishing ever used to try and get anything done on a Friday afternoon, which in turn justified going to the pub every Friday lunchtime. This doesn't happen so much in the hard-working, productive twenty-first century, but we do like to slope off to the pub of a Friday afternoon once in a while, when we have guests for whatever reason.)

Clockwise from front left: Jenni's back, Adam Nevill's right side, Jon Oliver,
Pat Cadigan's husband Chris Fowler (not that one), Pat Cadigan, Ben Smith's left side.

But wait! Who's that in the middle-distance?

- Ia! Ia! Mine's a Carlsberg.
- Brains.

Much great conversation was had, about convention memories, meeting our heroes, new Apple technology, art, the state of digital publishing, and the like.

Jon then took the chaps off to the Lebanese restaurant in town for lunch, and we're expecting him back any moment.



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