Monarchies of God: New Maps!

Hello all,

Bit of a teaser for you today.

When the new editions of Paul Kearney's The Monarchies of God were announced (here's Andrew Evans' lovely cover for The Monarchies of God Volume 1: Hawkwood and the Kings on the right), a popular question by fans of the series was,

"Will you be getting the maps redone?"

Which slightly confused me. Surely authorial revisions, the cover art, the number of volumes, the price of the books? Are they no questions you want answered prior to asking about the maps?

So I went into our files and took a look at the original maps, which made the issue a little clearer to me.

The original maps are hand-drawn (I think by Paul himself), and are, to be fair, perfectly acceptable:

But they could certainly be a little sexier.

So I badgered our talented and stylishly-coiffed designer Simon Parr, and the answer I can joyfully give you is "Yes! We are getting the maps redone!"

And here they are. Click on the thumbnails to see them in more detail.

That is all.



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