New commissions ahoy!

Good afternoon

Well, things certainly don't slow down at Solaris. In fact, I've just commissioned 5, yes 5, new books from a couple of very talented authors.

Fans of The Age of Ra and The Age of Zeus will be pleased to know that I've commissioned two new novels from Mr James Lovegrove, the first for release in 2011. These are Redlaw, a science-fiction, vampire tale that promises to be dark, compelling and exciting; and Dust, an apocalyptic science-fiction story on a grand scale. Of course, we also have The Age of Odin hitting shelves early 2011. It's a great pleasure to be continuing working with James. He's a superb writer and a joy to edit.

Also, I have commissioned one of the very finest horror writers in the UK at the moment to write a horror/urban-fantasy trilogy. This starts with The Concrete Grove in 2011 from the brilliant Gary McMahon. Gary has worked with us before, penning the superb Tomes of The Dead: Hungry Hearts for Abaddon Books. Gary's new series will be dark, gritty, intelligent, mysterious and moving.

Anyway, that is all for now. Much to look forward to.

Happy reading!

Jonathan Oliver

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Unknown said...

sounds fantastic! Gary is a brilliant writer, looking forward to this book!