First post: Live-blogging from the Brighton World Horror Con! (click links for photos!)

Thursday: Jon and I jumped in the van yesterday morning, got to Brighton with very little hassle and met Ian Whates, author of The Noise Within, while unpacking the van. Not how I wanted my first meeting with Ian face-to-face to go but oh well! "Hi Ian...argh...tooo many boxes...argh."

We checked in, met Paul Kane doing his kick ass convention organising thing in reception, got our goodie bags and headed over the the dealers' room, where Weston Ochse signed a load of books for us, saved us from falling posters and gave us a present from Arizona.

Jon and I then did the Pitch Black rights fair, where we heard lots of exciting new ideas from up and coming authors for new Solaris and Abaddon Books, and also popped in to see Weston on a panel defending the living dead from the undead.

I met Paul Cornell in the bar and fangirled at him for a bit about his Captain Britain and MI13 series for Marvel Comics, and we ran into the Angry Robot chaps, who watched Gary McMahon's panel with us (Lee Harris poking me in the back of the head all the way through and blaming it on Mark Morris - here he is looking guilty) before we all headed out for a curry with Simon Bestwick, author of Abaddon's Tide of Souls, too.

Just had breakfast looking out at the sea and now we're in the dealers' room purveying our wares...

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