Tim Akers Sequel and 'Heart of Veridon' review

Critical Mass have reviewed Tim Akers' brilliant Heart of Veridon here.

Is it too early to get excited about the sequel, The Dead of Veridon: book two of The Burn Cycle? I don't think it's too early, especially as we just had Greg Staples' gorgeous cover art for the book delivered into the office.

As soon as we get the huge acrylic painting (can I take it home, can I, can I guys, huh?) scanned, I'll put it up here on the blog for you to admire. But for now, here's Tim's blurb for the new book:-

When an army of corpses animated by cogwork rises from the dark waters of the rive Reine and threatens to upset the balance of power in Veridon, Jacob Burn must discover who is behind this undead atrocity before the city comes crashing down around him. But will he succeed when he finds out that the very Council who has hired him to solve this mystery is working against him behind the scenes, and the only ally he can count on is his bitterest rival?


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