SFX Weekender: Tenth Post

(Ninth post right here on the Abaddon Blog).

So here's Jon in the bar this morning giving a reading and presentation on his new book, Twilight of Kerberos: The Call of Kerberos. Yep. I just included the words "morning," "bar," and "presentation" in the same sentence. I really can't reconcile any two of those in my mind, much less all three.

I guess that's just how we roll, here at the SFX Weekender. Represent.

Actually, not sure if he's presenting on his book or giving cooking instructions. Or very subtly trying to signal someone across the room without the audience seeing.

And here again.

Now I'm getting a kind of "What the Hell am I doing here?" vibe.

Karaoke and dancin' next.

Awww yeah.

More about that, and a final wrap, at the eleventh post here.

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Jonathan Oliver said...

That first picture is actually me saying to an author I've turned down: "Hear this, this is the sound of the world's smallest violin playing." Second one I was declaiming: "Who wants a peace of Jon?!"

Or something, actually my memories are quite hazy,