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HARDCORE, the new Combat K novel, is officially out 4th January 2010. However, those nice folks at Solaris Books and Forbidden Planet have teamed up to let me do a “pre-publication” signing event at Forbidden Planet in Liverpool. Why Liverpool you ask? Well, my mother’s side of the family originate from Liverpool, so I have blood there, and family there—– should be fun!!

So, if you want your hands on a copy of HARDCORE nearly a month earlier than official publication, or just fancy a coffee and a chat, please drop in!

- Andy Remic

Solaris Books is pleased to announce a signing by our best-selling, hard-hitting military SF author, Andy Remic.

He will be signing Hardcore at Forbidden Planet, 92 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY, on Saturday 12th December from 1 – 2pm

In a far future where a Junk alien scourge multiplies across Quad-Gal, Combat K are charged with finding the Junk’s homeland and annihilating the enemy. Mission: a quick SLAM drop to Sick World, a long-abandoned hospital planet once dedicated to curing the deformed, the insane, the dying and the dead. As daylight fades, so hibernation ends. The Medical Staff of Sick World, the doctors, nurses, patients and deviants, abandoned with extreme prejudice, a thousand-year gestation of hardcore medical mutation and accelerated healthcare technology; they can smell fresh meat. And Keenan, Pippa and Franco face their toughest battle yet.

You’ll never look at a nurse the same way again.

Andy Remic is a British writer and teacher with an unhealthy love of martial arts, kick-arse bikes, mountain climbing and computer hacking. The new master of violent, high-octane science fiction, Hardcore is his seventh novel and follows the characters from the massively successful Combat-K series. he has been hailed as ‘the new David Gemmell’, and was recently nominated for the David Gemmell award.

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