James Maxey Giveaway And Event

Well, we're not actually giving away James Maxey—he's too precious to us for that. But he has announced on his blog a give away for Dragonforge.

I've set aside ten free copies of Dragonforge for anyone who will send me fan art of their favorite character (or characters) from Bitterwood. Any characters are fine, but I'd love to see how you imagine the human characters of Bitterwood, Jandra, Pet, or Zeeky, or dragon characters like the wizard dragon Vendevorex or the hunter dragon Zanzeroth. Even a sketch of Poocher, the pig, will earn a book. This isn't a contest: If you send me artwork and I use it, I'll be paying you with a free copy of the book.

Read on.

He'll also be signing in Cary, NC, on September 9, at the Barnes and Noble at 7pm.

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Angela/SciFiChick said...

I'm also giving away a copy of Dragonforge on SciFiChick.com.