Next Time You Enter A Library...

...keep this in mind.

"Fighting fires may sound taxing, chasing criminals demanding, but a new study says that working in a library is the most stressful job of all."

No wonder they always tell you to be quiet. Internally, they're about to explode with rage. The slightest thing can tip them over the edge. Do NOT ask for J. R. R. Martin, or (going back to book-selling days now) Steinbeck's WRATH OF GRAPES. Yes, it happens.

However, these funky hipsters (sans dancing silhouettes) are your kind of folk you'd get in Apple's iLibrary, if they did one. Hmm. Doesn't seem all that stressful, does it? You don't see librarians like this in the UK. Link pinched from Bookninja.

— Mark N

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