Tintin And The Amazing Cash-In

I don't know whether to tell my inner child this yet, but it looks like Tintin will soon star in his own movie.

"The young do-gooder with the tufty hair will be transformed by Steven Spielberg and the Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson from a two-dimensional comic book hero into a 3D, digitally enhanced animated movie star."

Still, at least it's in safe hands, I suspect, with Mr Jackson behind one of the projects. I'm not quite sure what to think of this. I loved the cartoon series—in fact, they brought this classic adventure gem to my attention as a nipper. Perhaps this will find him a whole new generation of fans. Either that, or all the dads will drag along said youngsters.

— Mark N

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Ian Sales said...

Apparently, the working title is Tintin and the Regime Change, a "uniquely American take on a much-loved European institution".